Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Day Two - Eating with the Family

The experiment of cooking and eating a sit down meal for 14 days in a row is going to be more interesting and challenging that I expected.

Day 2: Vegi Burrito's: black and pinto beans (canned with low sodium), corn, green onions (diced) green peppers (diced)- heated together. I add in Jot brand enchilada mix (anything with no preservatives, food coloring ect is fine), a little water. Scoop enough into 100% whole wheat tortilla's (Trader Joe Brand is my choice) - a little sauce or oil on the bottom of a pan, bake at 350' for 20- 30 minutes with foil covering. I mixed shredded green organic cabbage and torn cilantro into what I call Cilantro Slaw. A little salsa and I had a meal.

So for two days I got the cooking part right. But still working on the whole family eating at the same time. Track practice from 6 - 7pm so the kids and I could eat at 7:30pm but my husband had a meeting at 7pm till 9pm. hmmmm.... too many activities.

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