Friday, July 23, 2010

Lose Weight and Still Eat Comfort Food

Calling Comfort Food "BAD FOOD" is guaranteed to make you think of nothing else. After stopping food cravings you will find compulsive overeating is mostly in your mind.

We all like to think our willpower is strong and we can say, “I’ll never eat comfort food again” and be able to stick to it. But everybody who has failed at long term weight loss knows willpower alone is not enough. In fact, if I start to call my comfort food "bad food" I will never be satisfied by any other foods and all my Compulsive Overeating behaviors will flood back in.

Instead, stick to my 80/20 plan. 80% of the time you are making good choices and following the 5 Simple Rules for a Permanent Healthy Weight. And 20% of the time you choose whatever you want. If a certain food is not off limits your mind won't play games with you and make you think of nothing else. Remember, after the food cravings are gone Compulsive Overeating is all in your mind.

The key to achieving and maintaining a permanent weight loss is to make simple changes that you can live with. Not only physical changes but emotional and mental changes too. You will need to let go of old idea's like No Comfort Food. It takes time and patience, but considering that we’re talking about your emotional, physical and mental health the effort is well worth it in the long run. And Yes, you can lose weight and still eat comfort food.

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  1. Sounds like a great way to enjoy eating while still maintaining your goals over time.