Tuesday, November 23, 2010

How to Stay Healthy with Kidney Stones - Womens Health

So many womans health is effected by kidney stones. Boy! do they hurt. We all want to learn how to stay healthy. In an effort to help you learn to stay healthy, especially with womens health, I copied this from "Ask the Scientist" at http://GetHealthyReleaseWeight.usana.com/

"Many studies have investigated the role of nutrition in helping to reduce kidney stones. A recent study conducted by Brigham and Womens' Hospital and Harvard Medical School found that previous recommendations to limit dairy products in an effort to reduce the risk of kidney stones were misguided. This study, conducted on more than 90,000 women showed that "women with the highest intake of dietary calcium had the lowest risk of kidney stones". This suggests that calcium may actually have a protective effects by binding to oxalate in the gut and preventing its absorption into a form that leads to kidney stones.

Another large scale study on calcium and kidney stones concluded that high calcium intake decreases the risk of symptomatic kidney stones. Perhaps, just as importantly, the study found that individuals consuming less than 850 mg of calcium per day actually had a higher incidence of kidney stones.

Wow! That sure will help us stay healthy! More calcium - less stones.

In general, the intake of calcium through food or supplements does not contribute to an increased incidence of kidney stones. In fact, with a very few exceptions, getting adequate dietary calcium actually reduces your risk for kidney stones."

Common sense says if you currently suffer from kidney stones and really want to have good health, we recommend consulting with a physician to determine the best course of action.

For men and womans health it is best to take calcium supplements with meals in order to effectively inhibit oxalate absorption."

In an effort to help you learn to stay healthy with womens health I copied this from "Ask the Scientist" at http://GetHealthyReleaseWeight.usana.com/

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