Friday, February 19, 2010

Excercise for Permanent Weight Loss

Exercise has turned into a dirty word. It brings to mind sore muscles, sweat and boring hours on a tred-mill. And that is one way to do it but look at kids playing, they know how to exercise.

It takes too much time is a common complaint. And based on the false information we have been told for years that does seem true. Current medical studies show breaking up your 30 minutes a day into 10 minute segments is an excellent contribution to your health. For those of you working to achieve a healthy, permanent weight loss this is enough. re through out the Those of you working for fitness need to follow a different path. Everybody has 10 minutes here and theday. As a coach I suggest my clients schedule in their 10 minute segments until they become a habit. Sure, this takes some effort but once established a habit is easy and almost thoughtless to maintain.

For those of you working to achieve a permanent, healthy weight segmenting your exercise is the way to go. If you are hoping to achieve a higher fitness level you will need to spend more time and effort into your exercise routine. Keep first things first. Go for better health first. You can always increasing your goal to fitness later.

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