Saturday, February 27, 2010

Good Food to Lose Weight

It is so simple yet how many people really combine a Protein and Low Glycemic Carbohydrate at each snack or meal? The combo is the best way to tell your metabolism to burn baby burn.

The very best choice, in my not so humble opinion, are plant proteins since they satisfy both protein and good carb in one bite. Black beans, split pea, lentils, chick peas, brown rice, broccoli, nuts, muesli & quinoa are a few suggestions.

Most people think of meat, chicken, really anything that breaths, as the best protein sources. And they do have alot of protein per serving for the most part they also have added hormones, mercury and preservatives. And consider what your really eating, dead flesh. I suppose dead is preferable to living flesh but both are pretty disgusting.

Try substituting a meal or snack using only plant protein once a day. It will kick up your fat burner and be much easier on your digestive system.

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