Sunday, February 14, 2010

American Suppliment Industry Scam

Though I am very much against Government regulations this is what we get without any standards. Profit at the cost of YOUR health.

In its latest review of multivitamins, found defects in over 30% of the multivitamins that it selected for review. And many products exceeded tolerable upper limits for certain vitamins or minerals. Specific problems found in the multivitamin reviews include:

Three of four popular children's multivitamins reviewed were too high in vitamin A.

One men's multivitamin was contaminated with lead and another had too much folic acid -- associated with more than doubling the risk of prostate cancer.

One general multivitamin had no more than 50% of its folic acid. Another was missing 30% of its calcium.
A senior's, a prenatal, and a women's multivitamin each had only 44.1%, 44.3%, and 66.1%, respectively, of their vitamin A.

A vitamin water had 15 times its stated amount of folic acid, so drinking one bottle would exceed the tolerable limit for adults; less than half a bottle would put children over the limit.

A pet multivitamin was contaminated with lead and another had only 46% of its vitamin A and 54.7% of its calcium.

The only products I have found that can be purchased without a Doctor's prescription come from a company called Usana

Their Supplements are on list of the top 25 products for and the have received a 5 Star rating from the Comparable Guide to Nutritional Supplements published by Lyle MacWilliams MSc, FP.

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