Friday, May 28, 2010

Sugar Trivia from your On-line Weight Loss Coach

Hey - Sweet-tooth, this is your On-line Weight Loss Coach talking to you.

Have you ever sat down for a snack of 16 sugar cubes? Yucky, that sounds gross. But if you drink cola you have just a wee bit less with ever 20 ounce bottle you chug down.

Fighting wrinkles with face cream? Try giving up sugar. There is a process called glycation, which excess blood sugar (can you say Insulin Resistance) binds to collagen in the skin making it less elastic.

How far can you carry 61 pounds? That is how much sugar the average American eats in a year. 25 pounds of which is candy. During Halloween season we eat at least 2 pounds, each. No wonder we gain so much weight over the holidays.

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