Saturday, May 29, 2010

The FAT Syndrome

As an Online Weight Loss Coach I have found most people in Western culture are suffering from a condition called Metobolic Syndrome. There is no easy way to lose weight or maintain good health when you suffer from Metobolic Syndrome. This condition prevents the Insulin in your body from properly supporting the transfer of Glucose to the cells of your body beginning with the muscles. It isn't comfort eating that makes you fat.

The result is excess sugar in your blood stream that creates Out-Of-Control carb and sugar cravings and is readily converted to fat and stored. It's so much about how much food we were eating. It's how our bodies were reacting to our food choices. Yes! As your Online Weight Loss Coach I promise it is really that simple. You Can be Thin and Healthy without starvation dieting, cleanses, pre-packaged food, counting calories or points. Easy and Healthy! Good Health equals a Good Weight.

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