Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Stupid Reason to be FAT #8

As women reach menopause they experience a natural slowing of their metabolism. Estrogen favors weight gain in the lower body so with the loss of this hormone women can begin to accumulate fat around their middle. The hormonal changes also can bring on depression, cravings and poor sleep.

These are also the exact same symptoms of Metabolic Syndrome. So maybe menopause isn't the real problem. But it is a great time to really take charge of your health and explore a new and healthier lifestyle. A few simple and easy changes can bring tremendous relief from so many of our bodily complains: aching joints, exhaustion, mood swings and weight gain.

I have found an excellent product I use daily which has provided much relief from menopause fun. I have done extensive research from un-biased sources to choose what supplement brand I use. My choice is created from natural ingredients with no additives, chemicals or toxins. All the products have been tested and guaranteed to have exactly what the label claims in them. Always and only buy products that have a pharmaceutical guarantee. If you can't find any brand that holds these standards I suggest you save your money.

More information on how to reverse Metabolic Syndrome and healthy lifestyle choices go to:

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