Friday, April 9, 2010

Heart Disease in 10 Year Old Kids

Nothing is more precious than my beautiful daughters. I would willingly trade my life to save them. What parent doesn’t feel the same? Yet we are killing them, unknowingly, but killing them just the same. This generation is the first predicated NOT to live as long as their parents. Who would think of heart disease starting at 10 years old?
Studies are now showing us that children age 10 to 18 have evidence of early "hardening of the arteries" or cardiovascular disease. There is increasing evidence that many of children already have thickening of their arteries and that their arteries are already less pliable. This has been documented via ultrasounds of their arteries. This is primarily due to the insulin resistance they are developing so early in life.* Dr. Strand.
If insulin resistance is creating the beginning of heart disease in kids imagine what it is doing to the rest of us. Breaking insulin resistance is the first step. Not only will this FREE YOU FROM CRAVINGS but truly set you on the road to good health. Your heart, energy level, moods: there are a lot more to measure your health than a number on a scale. Following a program based on sound nutrition and moderate exercise will not only change the way you look but change the way you feel.

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