Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Warrior in the Battle Against Bad Food

The Truth About Sugar

Excellent video on what sugar really is, does and what the FDA isn't doing about it.


  1. Yeah...but my moderation policy is pretty much all comments go through unless they're spam/linked to spam or way over the top.I look at it this way....ok, so someone comments I'm overweight...that's OK, I am.That I'm still overweight doesn't mean I'm brain-dead, don't understand the data from studies nor does it mean that I haven't a clue how to lose weight or maintain after losing...I lost 30% of my body weight (BMI drop of 11 points) doing low-carb and in fact have kept it off for more than seven years eating controlled-carb.If for someone like our troll above thinks that my remaining 'overweight' disqualifies my ability and qualification to discuss diet and health, share my experience, knowledge and be it.

  2. How to lose weight fast? reply - Love to see comments but I sure hope you weren't referring to me as a troll........