Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Are You are a Sugar Addict.?

Top Ten Ways to Know You are Addicted to Sugar:

1) Do your kids hide their Halloween candy from you?

2) Do you buy your "stuff" at different stores so nobody will know how much you eat?

3) Do you get really tired and crave sugar in the afternoon?

4) Do you feel happy and excited right after you eat some sugar only to get
irritable and tired within a short time?

5) Are you sure everything would be better if only you lost wieght?

6) Do you keep trying diet and diet knowing "this time will be different"?

7) Do you hide food so you can have some "later"?

8) Have you hid your candy wrappers under the other trash so nobody will know how
much you were eating?

9) Have you eaten strange combinations of food to rationalize eating sugar; brown
sugar and peanut butter sandwiches, tortilla's with butter and sugar.

10)Have you read all these questions? That alone says you are a sugar addict.

Welcome to the Club!

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