Thursday, August 26, 2010

On-Line Weight Loss Coach's Fat Fighting Hints

More Muscle Burns More Fat

Muscle is built when you tear the the existing muscle fibers. The healing process creates bigger, stronger muscles. It is one of the many amazing protective qualities of out bodies.

So how to build muscle without going to the gym? I actually love the gym but I know plenty of people either don't have the time or interest to go. So here is a list of idea's to add some muscle building into your daily activities.

1) Straighten your arms all the way out (t shape) and carry in your groceries bags. Give your middle deltoids some work.

2) Same as above but hold your arms straight in front of you to work your front deltoids.

3) Or put your elbows at a 90' angle in front of you and carry your bags that way. Good for your bi-cepts.

I think your getting the idea with the grocery bags.

4) Put the front of your foot on the curb at the gas pump island and raise your heels up and down to work your calf muscles.

5) Walk on your tip toes to strengthen your calf muscles.

6) Squat and hold the pose while you brush your teeth and blow your hair. Great for the quads.

7) Use the counter to do standing push ups to build your chest strength.

Get Creative - There are unlimited ways to build your muscles all day long. Whatever your doing just do it till your muscles start to burn. Better yet - do it till they shake.

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